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Passes and multi-ride tickets

Passes and multi-ride tickets may not be applicable for all special events.

All Passes and multi-ride tickets are valid at the Como-Harriet and Excelsior Streetcar Lines.

All pass purchases are subject to a $2.50 shipping and handling fee. Multiple purchases of one type of pass, where allowed, are only subject to the fee once.

Museum memberships are not available through the MSM Store because of the multiple categories and additional information required. Click here for membership information.

10 Ride Ticket - $17

Select number of 10 Ride Passes (up to 3) desired

25 Ride Ticket - $43

Select number of 25 Ride Passes (up to 2) desired

Season Pass - $49  Good for the entire family

Select the number of Season Passes (up to 2) desired

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